byCycle.org is an open source (GPLv3), bicycle[1] trip planner. It was actively developed from November of 2004 to May of 2007. Some experimental development was done after that but was never put online.

As of December of 2012, byCycle is back online, mainly as a hobby project.

It was built primarily by Wyatt Baldwin (all code) and Lauren Donohue. Jack Newlevant managed the Portland area data. Jack Hirt of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin managed the Milwaukee area data.

Support was graciously provided by Mark Bosworth and John Miller at Metro.

[1] Other modes are possible but have not been implemented.

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  1. I found this website today and wanted to say that I appreciate your work on this project. I think it will definitely come in handy on my commute to work. Thanks!

    –Ryan Middaugh

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