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  1. I just tried to reverse directions unsuccessfully. What’s the proceedure? It flipped my addresses in the boxes provided, but the rest of the info was the same. As 14th and SW Jefferson are both oneway, it isn’t OK. I’d suggest NW/SW 13th all the way to Montgomery or for less of a hill, turn left down SW Stark after crossing Burnside and right on SW 9th, which becomes the Park blocks after it crosses SW Salmon street. You can also take NW Flanders down to the North Park blocks and turn right, but it is illegal to ride across Burnside, so to avoid being ticketed dismount and take the crosswalk.
    SW Broadway has a bike path, but there is a lot of traffic and lights as well as double parking in the bike lane outside hotels. A bike messenger was killed in the bike lane by another truck at SW Washington & Broadway a few years ago.
    Aside from careful route selection, caution and getting off the street altogether when necessary, it is important to ensure that motorists see you and understand what you’re doing. Make eye contact when possible and if in doubt assume that they don’t see you.
    thanks, Roger

  2. Can you please integrate your map layer with Google custom maps? It would be awesome to have a bike path layer while searching for housing. There is a listing for the Boulder, Colorado bike routes, but nothing for PDX. Dave Sohigian already asked for this, but I wanted to reiterate the request.

  3. Thanks for this great tool! I was able to bike from NoPo to Hillsboro with no problem. The route was very easy to follow and took some great side paths I never would have found without your tool. I just put a little $ in the kitty – I hope you all can find some more funding to make this tool even better. You rock!

    1. @Doug 6/11

      See my reply to @James 6/15. Also, please keep in mind that byCycle does not use Google’s address lookup capabilities. Google has put tons of money and effort into their address lookup; byCycle has never had such resources.

      Also, if you enter just 6077 Lakeview, an address is found. Not sure if it’s the one you’re looking for, though.

  4. I don’t know if it would work, but have you asked for any assistance from Google? I think one way to address closures, conditions, and any other changes would be to add a feature which goes along with the directions given and searches any blog/reply mail for pertinent information to attach either next to the ‘route directions’ or at the end of the directions page. This way any road name which matches the ones in the directions could be used as the search criteria and listed in comment form along with the directions, either available as an extra or as an added feature… just an idea! I am not sure what your future plans are, but I like this concept and it seems to be coming along nicely! Great work!

    1. @James 6/15

      Just as an FYI, no significant work has been done on the trip planner since the summer of 2007. It is likely that no further work will be done, unless a giant pot of money falls out of the sky to fund such work. In the meantime, I keep hearing rumors of other bicycle and multi-modal trip planners being built. Hopefully, one of these will take off, though without a standardized data model this will be rather difficult to achieve.

  5. hi wyatt~

    this is the coolest site. i am sorry that it was not funded properly. too bad city of portland didn’t help you out and too bad all of the posters here didn’t either.

    i have been looking for a site like this. i just started riding and it is prety tough to get info on how to best and safely get to your destination. your hard work is very much appreciated. i am sorry you won’t be continuing. i wish i had a large pot of cash to toss your way to help fund this awesome endevor, but i don’t. i was gonna chip in $10 and hope and wish for the addition of the vancouver area to your map, but it seems as if it would be for naught

    anyway, i just wanted to say that it is what is needed to encourage ppl to ride more. you should pitch it to city of portland and to city of vancouver. i really think it would be well received.


  6. oh i just wanted to add that i found your site through a link posted on citybikes website.


  7. hi byCycle. I just wanted to thank you guys for a great site. I’m from the SF Bay Area, but I’m visiting the Portland Metro Area and I used your trip planner today to get from Newberg to Tigard with great success. Thanks for such a good tool (please make it work for bay area!!!)


  8. Hello Wyatt,
    Regarding: “I keep hearing rumors of other bicycle and multi-modal trip planners being built. Hopefully, one of these will take off, though without a standardized data model this will be rather difficult to achieve.”
    Can you elaborate? Who? What? When? Where?

  9. is a fantastic site, great idea. Any chance there might ever be a GPX export option (so a user could import a route onto a GPS device that supports GPX format).

  10. Why not use for the map and routing data?

  11. Why use Google for the background map? We can’t update Google (well, not without them claiming ownership on what we do for them) like we can OSM also has good ties with the bicycling community and goes through great lengths to make a global bike map. So why not drop google in favor of OSM?

  12. I am SO glad you are back. I randomly tried the site a while back and was pleasantly surprised you are back online. I had written a note to you back when you disappeared-bemoaning your departure. I’m a casual biker and really appreciate this assistance. Honestly, I wish you would market to get some advertisers paying you to help you financially and potentially make your site even better. (I know, we hate those ads at the side, but they do help pay the bills for a small biz.)

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