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  1. I live in cincinnati and am riding to Jackson Mississippi to raise money for cancer. I am looking for help on how to get there. If you can be of any assistance to me I would greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU JIM BOSTON

  2. The Portland, OR route planner doesn’t seem to make use of the nice bike lane on interstate. Example: from 1500 block of N Alberta to Downtown should use Interstate.

  3. @Jim: I wish we had the capability to help out with something like that, but we don’t. Sorry.

    @Ladd: That is most likely because the current version of the trip planner is still using data from Aug. ‘04. We have newer data, but integrating it will take a fair amount of work. We were planning to release a new version of the TP with Oct. ‘06 data, but there have been a few setbacks. Hopefully it will be out soon (within a month or two).

  4. Jim,

    I’d like to learn more about your long distance ride for cancer. Will you be riding the Natchez Trace?

    Larry Lagarde
    Urging bicycling for recreation, commuting, health and a better future.

  5. great website, but in the city of Portland, the router keeps sending me down NE and SE 45th street from Glisan down to Hawthorne…I can confirm from several attempts that 45th is not a bike route there. Thanks, Matt

  6. When the directions come up, the map doesn’t show. If you hit “reverse directions”, it shows up again, with the route, but then goes away as soon as the directions pop up on the left. This should be fixed.

  7. @Michael

    I’ve just tested in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 and couldn’t reproduce that problem. Can you send us more info about which OS (Windows, Mac) and browser you’re using. Thanks.

  8. Hey, last week I was wishing for a google-maps-like thingy that would help me plan a bike trip in PDX. And here you are. Thanks!

  9. Hi Wyatt:

    I got a phone call today from Ed S. His phone number is 503-555-1234. He asked that I pass his message on to you. Feel free to call him back if you have any questions. I am also passing his message on to [some people] here at Metro.

    His call was about getting from Cornell into NW Portland. On byCycle, apparently, one is directed to ride up to Westover. However, there is a connection available to bikes, but not to cars, between Quimby and 30th that connects directly to Cornell. Coming from NW Raleigh, one could ride up Raleigh to 29th, turn left on 29th, right on Quimby, left on 30th, and then get on Cornell.

  10. This is quite handy. However, it could not find one address on “SW Fifth Avenue” until I thought of using “SW 5th Avenue” – some advise on how to enter numbered streets might help others.

  11. The trip planner isn’t loading for me in Safari on the Mac. Works fine in Firefox.

  12. @John: Version 2.0.4 of Safari on Mac OS 10.4.8 seems to be working OK for me. Which versions of Safari and Mac OS were you using when the TP wouldn’t load?

    @Mary Ann: This seems to be a problem specifically with Internet Explorer version 6. I am trying to find a computer with IE6 installed so I can figure out what’s going on.

  13. I use this for bike-driving route suggestions in Portland, OR. Thanks!

    The last row of the table, with “End” as the direction, repeats the mileage traveled by the last actual leg of travel.

  14. Hi Wyatt,

    I tried to use the route planner to find a route along a segment of one of my favorite rides. I used the red dot to set the from and to addresses as instructed, so that the corresponding boxes showed:
    lon=-118.189545, lat=34.211802
    lon=-117.943726, lat=34.345704
    the region box at the top of the map shows “All Regions”
    I get:
    * Please select a region (at top left of map).”
    I _have_ selected a region. Or does “All regions” not qualify as a region?
    What am I doing wrong?

  15. @Martin: The trip planner only covers the Portland, OR, and Milwaukee, WI, metro regions. There’s a trip planner for the LA area at, but I can’t say anything about how well it works.

    “All Regions” is there so you can zoom out and see all the available regions. I agree that it’s somewhat confusing; it should be changed to say “Show All Regions”.


  16. Hi-

    I love the map, but I can’t seem to find the legend for the bike map colors. Am I overlooking it?


  17. @Alicia: You aren’t overlooking it; we just haven’t been able to get to creating a legend yet. It’s on our to-do list, though.

  18. The tripplanner works fine on IE 7 and Netscape 7 but the initial map does not come up when using Netscape Browser 8.1, which shuts down when attempting to pull up initial map.

  19. Hi everyone!

    I am a prospective urban planner. I work with the sierra club transportation committee in Washington DC. I have been looking to do something like this out here. Arlington county is working on a bike trip planner. However, i feel i can do better than what they are planning on doing. Does anyone have any input on how i should go about creating this site. I am looking to work in partnership if possible.


  20. Sorry Wyatt, I’ve been getting in here with Firefox lately and forgot to check back! I’m using Mac OS 10.3.9 and Safari 1.3.2
    Maybe I’m a little obsolete. Still doesn’t produce a map in Safari, though.

  21. I am using XP with IE7 and when I go to the trip planner page and put in my address, I do not get a map, but I do get the little error message.
    The error says.

    Line: 522
    Char: 7
    Error: ‘ByCycle’ is undefined
    Code: 0

    Hope this helps.

    The old version works perfectly as an FYI.

    Also, this is a awesome site. I just found it, but I am going to have to tell my friends about it. Great Job!!!

  22. Hello,

    I’m just wondering why ByCyle doesn’t route along the east bank Esplanade. Many times I’ve gone from SE to N, or NE, and the safest and, I think fastest and easiest way, has been to take the Esplanade, hit the Rose Quarter area, and take Williams northbound. Instead, I often get routed through the dangerous Lloyd Center area.
    Please find a way to incorporate the Esplanade, Springwater, and other car free routes.

  23. Hey Wyatt–

    Fantastic site, have been seeking out something along these lines! From MKE, WI and tried to use the “old” version of the trip planner due to the fact that only Portland is available in the new version. However, got the following message:

    An Internal Error Occurred!
    Runtime Failure Details:

    Exception =
    Value = cannot import name wsrest


    File “/home/bycycle/byCycle/apps/web/tripplanner/branches/cgi_maintenance/”, line 37, in
    import tripplanner

    File “/home/bycycle/byCycle/apps/web/tripplanner/branches/cgi_maintenance/”, line 40, in
    from byCycle.util import wsrest

    Just an FYI, can’t wait to give the MKE version a run when it’s up again.


  24. I tried to get directions to the Hollywood theatres from NW 19th but it did not know this address: 4122 NE Sandy Blvd

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  25. Yo
    Love the idea. When I ask for a rout from home to points north or west I am frequently directed to cross Se Division St. on 41st Av. Division is a very busy street and with no light often difficult to cross. Taking Clinton to 34th is both easer and safer. I am led to wonder how many other routs are lacking in practical, real world applicability? How do we go about fixing this? And I say “we” inclusively-i.e. how can I help with the real world applicability?

  26. I used the planner for my first trip into downtown Portland and it was great! However, for me, the “safer” preference is needed to give me a route that I am comfortable with. I really miss this on the new planner. Will the “safer” option show up in the new planner?

  27. Wyatt,

    Great site! I’m trying to go from the Lloyd distric to Overlook Park (Interstate and Fremont) and it’s sending me up WIlliams, across Skidmore and then snaking along side streets back to Fremont and Interstate (3.19 mi). The “safer” route even has me taking Going to Greely and then hooking up with Interstate (4.82 mi). It seems like taking Multnomah to Interstate would be the most direct route and is completely on the bike map. Why is it giving me such crazy directions?


  28. I frequently ride the 205 bikepath to Clackamas. Could there be updates on closures to the path and good safe alternative routes?

  29. @urban ranger:

    While such a thing is certainly possible (technically) and would be really cool, currently there are no means to do it–not enough money or people. We’re working on resolving those issues so we can do things like this, but for now we’re not able to.


  30. Is there a way to print my route map?

    Currently I just get about the lower 1/4 of the map on the top of the second page if I hit print from the explorer toolbar. I am running updated Windows XP.

    I did a print screen and pasted my map into a word document and cropped it up, but was curious if there is another way?

  31. I read about your site in the Tribune, and realized it is great for WALKING, too. I “commute” to work by foot: 2.14 miles, according to your site.
    Thank you.

  32. I would be great if there was a “print the written directions” &/or a “print this map”

    Thanks, great resource!

  33. Just found your site today. Found a 10-mile route in a flash. Fantastic!!! Thanks so much!

  34. Would it be possible to create a bookmarklet or greasemonkey script that linked up bycycle to googlemaps? It would be really cool to look up directions in google maps and then be able to show the bike route with one click.

  35. I volunteer in the VIC in Pioneer Courthouse Square. We get inquiries about bicycle maps all the time. I tried to map from the Square to the Rose Garden and print the hand out.

    The print quality was terrible and not usable. The directions printed fine but the map was no good. Also, it would help to have a PRINT button on the map so it can be printed easily. Thank you.

  36. It would be nice to be able to use a function like on gmaps to measure distances on the bike routes.

  37. I just got a bike to ride to work – SE Portland to NW Portland. I looked up a route and rode in today (Sunday) to try it out. The route in was very nice, only one part that may be a little hairy weekdays. It would’ve helped if I’d thought to print the return directions too! This is a great resource.

  38. I live in Washington DC and I found this site when looking for a similar idea but for the area I live in. I know you cant help me, but I wanted to commend you for all your work and wish you good luck with everything. Maybe someday you can spread all the way to the east coast.

  39. After hearing about in the newspaper, I thought I’d give your trip planner a try for several of my regular trips in Portland, and see if it could give me a better route. I was impressed with the routes the planner created for my trips to Lloyd Center, PCC Cascade, and PCC Southeast.

    However, the route it gave me to my Post Office Box at the airport mail facility on Air Cargo Rd. boarders on suicide. The “Normal” routing sends me down Airport Way, which prohibits bikes west of I-205, then asks me to cross 4 lanes of freeway speed traffic where no crossing exists, before making an illegal crossing of the MAX Light Rail tracks.

    The “Safer” route is even worse; it has me riding against traffic on Airport Way (traveling at freeway speeds), the wrong way going on an off-ramp, the wrong way on a one-way street in Cascade Station, and still has me making an illegal crossing of the MAX line in the middle of nowhere. At least it doesn’t ask me to cross 4 lanes of freeway speed traffic, but I’m not sure I’d call it “safer.”

    While I was impressed with the routes I got for other destinations, this little snafu worries me, especially with all the new stores opening at Cascade Station alongside Ikea. Perhaps some fine-tuning of the Airport Way/Cascade Station areas is in order.

    (one problem is that longitude=-122.578937, latitude=45.58332 shows an off-street path crossing Airport Way and MAX; this crossing does not exist, click “satellite” and you’ll see there’s nothing there but grass and traffic.)

  40. Friends,

    I wanted to inquire/suggest a better route than the “safer” route that is brought up when you start at 315 SW Florida Street and end downtown. For some reason, the safer route on bycycle is very circuitous (sp) instead of just plunking them on the shared trail along the Willamette.



  41. what happened?
    ByCycle trip planner used to work (safari, mac OS) but lately, it says something to the effect of having found 1 route in less than 1 second, but…There’s no Route! ?
    what did I do?
    – thanks for your help!

  42. I am trying to plan a commute from my house to my work, both of which are in Vancouver, WA. The trip planner finds no routes and sets up a commute from the middle of the Columbia River on the I-205 bridge to the end of Tomahawk Island via Marine Drive. This is of no help to me. The region says Portland Metro area, but apparently Vancouver is not part of that.

  43. I’m interested in people’s opinions on the safety of riding at night. I’m an eighteen-year-old female, and my mom is strongly against me riding decent distances once it is dark. She would rather drive and pick me and the bike up than let me ride home. I still have done it many times, but if she knows that she won’t allow it. Am I right in thinking that she is being unnecesarily protective, that it’s pretty safe to bike home late at night? Or is she right in wanting me to not do it? (Usually if I have a male friend with me, she thinks it’s okay.)

    Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated,


  44. I just heard about your site, so after reading about the tragic death of Tracey Sparling yesterday, I decided to see if your site would recommend an alternate route from PSU to PNCA (12th to NW Couch and then up to 13th would be my choice).
    After a few attempts with rough locations, I typed in the exact addresses as listed in the phone book and requested a safer route. I was informed that one match had been found in 3.3..seconds, but could not figure out how to access that information.
    I like your suggestion that it’s often safer to get off and walk or take the sidewalk (illegal in downtown Portland by the way). I always recommend quieter side streets and the Bike There map.
    Once I figure out how to use your site I will be sure to recommend it.
    thanks, Roger
    ps I have avoided NW 14th since slipping on a railway track 26yrs ago.

  45. I tried again, using the boxes at the top of this page and had the information that I sought in seconds, but was disappointed with the recommended route, as it suggested busy car streets such as SW Jefferson and SW 14th street.This route also includes an unnecessary uphill ride (as does my prefered route up Harrison or Montgomery to SW 12th).
    There are a number of preferable streets through downtown Portland. Cyclists may ride on the pedestrian mall through PSU and continue on downhill through the Parkblocks on Park to Taylor, up Taylor to SW 10th (on which it is safer to take the left lane to avoid the streetcar tracks) or 12th, then downhill across Burnside. As these streets become narrower and more congested through the Pearl district, I’d suggest going up Couch or Davis to NW 13th.
    It is normally possible to continue on down Park, but it is currently closed for construction, so it is necessary to dismount and walk for a block.This route is often expedient, but as it is only one lane wide, it is frequently congested with cars vainly searching for parking.
    I just consulted the Bike There map and see that it shows bike paths on the route that your site recommended. I guess it’s good that those “car streets” have bike lanes on them, but that doesn’t make them safer. All I can say is that I’m glad that the Dept of Transportation is reverting to the Bicycle Boulevard concept that was in vogue when I moved to Portland from Europe (where bike paths are generally separated from the roadway) in the ’70’s.
    I’m glad to have discovered your site and have just read with interest the comments posted by others. If you are able to incorporate tips from local cyclists your service will be even more valuable.
    thanks, Roger

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