byCycle Store

byCycle now has a store! All proceeds go to support byCycle’s projects.

We went with a CafePress store because of it’s simplicity. It was easy to set up, and allows us to create and sell things on demand. It also makes it easier for you to buy things.

Everything is priced at five dollars over what CafePress charges us.

byCycle Shirt


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Revolver Bikes and North Portland Bike Works Have byCycle Shirts

Now you can support local North Portland bike shops AND byCycle.

I pedaled up to Revolver Bikes last week to deliver shirts and check out the shop. Revolver is in a great location – next to New Seasons on Interstate and right on the Max line. Mark was very friendly, relaxed, and although busy, did not seem rushed. I think this might be one of my favorite bike shops in town.

Revolver Bikes has three grey track Shirts – one of each size, a cut out shirt and dress.

North Portland Bike Works has a selection of track shirts, mostly large sizes.

If you have a shop and what to carry our shirts, email Lauren.

You can still buy shirts from us here.