Article in the Portland Tribune

The article mentioned in this post has been published. It feels a little odd reading about ourselves, but I think it’s a good article overall. Thanks to the Portland Tribune, the writer, and the photographer.

There is one factual error in the article. It states that “…the Portland application currently is restricted to the city limits” and will cover the tri-county area and Clark County (Vancouver) in the future. Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties are all already covered, and we are planning to add Clark County in the near future.

Photos for the Portland Tribune

We just had our photos taken for an article on byCycle that’s coming out in the Portland Tribune in its new Sustainable Life section. We’ve heard that the article is coming out next week (Tuesday, August 8th), but we don’t know for sure. Keep an eye out for it, and we’ll post here when we know it’s

PS In case anyone is unsure, byCycle is pronounced as two words, like “buy sigh-cle.”