Portland Data Update

A couple days ago we updated the Portland region data. This was like a bug-fix release for software–no major changes were made, but a lot of little things here and there were improved and/or fixed.ragrani.ru

Related to this (but still quite separate), we improved (hopefully!) the way routes are found. In particular, we made big changes for when the safer option is selected.

Please let us know what you think.

WordPress Upgrade and K2

Today we upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4. It’s a security release. Upgrading is easy: just copy the new directory over the old (being careful to save any customizations first, although if you created new directories for your custom themes, you won’t have to do anything).?????????? ?? ???????????????

We also moved from the old default theme, Kubrick, to a new version of it called K2. This version makes a lot of things easier, and it looks better out of the box. One day we might customize it.