Trevor in Austin

As you may have noticed from a previous post, Trevor is in Austin working with various people to try and get Austin integrated into the bicycle route finder. We met him some time last year (at Vita Cafe on NE Alberta) after he contacted us about the idea of bringing the trip planner with him when he moved back to Austin. He is going to be blogging about the proceedings here, so “stay tuned.”

Austin By Cycle

The folks at (Wyatt and Lauren) have generously opened up the discussion for an Austin, TX, version of Austin and Portland ARE sisters, so it only makes sense.???????

While Austin is not quite as advanced as Portland is when it comes to bicycle infrastructure, it comes pretty darn close, especially considering that it’s in the middle of Texas. There are some subtle similarities and differences between the two bicycle cities :

Portland cyclists primarily ride road bikes. It’s a mountain bike for Austin cyclists. Portland cyclists, in a waterproof bubble, continue to ride diligently through the winter rains. Austin cyclists drink gallons of water to replace the gallons perspired while riding faithfully through the hot summer breeze. Portland is “the most bikeable city in America”. Austin has Lance Armstrong, the greatest cyclist ever to live. In Portland, if you ride a fixed gear bike, you are rad. In Austin, if you ride a fixed gear bike, you are a badass. In Portland, “smart lights” sense a waiting cyclist and changes the light to green. In Austin, cyclists pretend the light is green. Portland and Austin BOTH have bike racks on ALL full size city buses. Portland has an intricate network of wide and continuous bike lanes which could route a cyclist anywhere within city limits safely ( arguably ). Austin has a unique infrastructure of creekside bicycle paths which are entirely separate from the streets and route the cyclists UNDER intersections. Portland has the Spring Water Corridor. Austin WILL have the Lance Armstrong bicycle highway one day eventually. If we are lucky… Austin, like Portland, will have a version of

The Austin cycling community has expressed enthusiasm about the proposal for an interactive, user friendly, point to point, bicycle map. Let’s not let this opportunity slip past us.

Please feel free to chime in with any thoughts, ideas, or questions.

Bicycle everywhere !

– trevor ( )