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In a well rounded article posted on April 4th, New York Times writer Matt Furber highly recommends seeing Portland by bike, and mentions the byCycle Trip Planner as a useful tool for newcomers.

The article has brought an increase in our most commonly asked question: “How can I get this in my city?

We have put together a simple FAQ addressing this topic.

1. What do I need to do to get started?
Two things: Data and Money.

2. How much does it cost?

We estimate it would cost $10,000-$20,000 to get a city started. This does not include hosting or special application features.

3. What kind of data do I need, and where can I get it?
The data you need must have specific information about biking streets.

4. Can we hire byCycle to integrate our city into the Trip Planner?
We are available on a limited basis. If you are very serious about integrating your city we may be able to help you. Before inquiring, we recommend researching the data available in your city, and locating a viable source of funding.

5. I have some data, some funding, and I’m very serious. How can I get my city plugged in?

It is our long term goal to see many cities available for trip planning using the byCycle Trip Planner. Although our time is limited, we are glad to begin communication with serious parties regarding data integration.

In the event that we are unavailable, it is worth noting that the byCycle Trip Planner is now open source. See here and here for more information about working on this open source project. We are available for a minimal amount of consulting for people interested in using the open source code.

6. Do you plan to add any other features to the Trip Planner?

We stopped working on the Trip Planner about two years ago when our developer got a full time job. At this time, we don’t have plans to make any major changes to the Trip Planner, but would consider it if funding was available. The byCycle Trip Planner is open source, so enthusiasts are welcome to make additions to this community project.

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