We won an Alice Award!

Last Saturday Wyatt won an Alice Award for his work on the byCycle Trip Planner. Alice Awards, given out by the BTA each year, are intended to recognize “individuals, businesses, and organizations in Oregon and SW Washington whose work has promoted the use of bicycles and increased the livability of our communities.” (from BTA website) Five awards are given out each year. Other Alice awardees included the mayor of Salem for building Salem’s first pedestrian and bike bridge, Trimet’s Rose Quarter Transit Center Bike Lane Team, Officer Robert Pickett, and Shane Rhodes for his work with Safe Routes To School in Eugene and “Kiddical Mass”.

Wyatt was pleased to accept this award on behalf of the byCycle team. We would like to extend a special thank you to the following people who helped make Trip Planner possible:

Mark Bosworth and Metro for donating the map data and site hosting
Jack Newlevant for making Metro’s map data usable for bike routing
Wyatt’s parents for their general supportiveness

Thank you as well for the donations received from users, friend, and family over the years to help keep this community tool alive.

Though Wyatt declined the opportunity to give a speech, he said when he stood to receive the award it was exhilarating to see so much genuine enthusiasm in the audience over the Trip Planner. Winning the Alice Award has inspired us to make some simple changes to the site in our spare time. Expect to see more regular blog posts and some general cleaning up.

Jonathan at BikePortland.org gives a more detailed account of the Alice Awards here.

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